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From: valero.online1@outlook.com
Reply-to: mgt@valeroenergyltd.com
Valero Energy Corporation is looking for an agent for a strong and reliable partnership with us to be our oil international mediator in Europe and Asia, in which you will act as an intermediary between our company and the final buyer of crude oil in Europe and Asia, to negotiate on our behalf successful completion of the transaction. We have direct sources in API (American Petroleum Institute ) with verifiable sale of licenses for the export of oil, which we feel is a primary dealer in crude oil Bonny Light, which is a high quality oil with high API (low specific gravity) and a very low sulfur content. If our offer for you meets you in favorable considerations, then get back to us:(mgt@valeroenergyltd.com)

More information on how to start and further answers to your questions will be given to you from specifying interest. For more information visit our website http://www.valero.com


Martin Parrish

(Vice President)

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