Numbers that have appeared in scam emails and are used by the scammers. Only posts about verified numbers are moved to this forum.
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From: Claudia Schütte-Bahr - c.schuette-bahr@kahlwax.de
Tel. Nos.: +494154843150 & +494154843110
Scam Type: Phishing or Malware

Please confirm delivery date as soon as possible.

We didn't get any feedback from your side regarding our payments. Please send us updates.

We attach our payment copy again. Kindly check it and confirm.

Thanks & Regards,

Claudia Schütte-Bahr
Sales Assistant
Phone +49 4154 8431-50
Fax +49 4154 8431-10
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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