Numbers that have appeared in scam emails and are used by the scammers. Only posts about verified numbers are moved to this forum.
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Tel. No.: +3197005032113
Email: info@aahtankbv.nl
Domain: aahtankbv.nl
Scam Type: Other Scams

From LinkedIn:
Kunjuwon Rahul
Logistics Supply Chain Specialist at SAFIN S.R.L.

Recommendation for a Reliable Tank Storage Facility
If you are looking for a reliable tank storage facility, I would like to recommend Ah Tank BV Tank Farm. They offer industry-standard tank storage facilities and are known for providing excellent customer service.
Ah Tank BV Tank Farm Contact Information:
Contact Person: Mrs. Rosemarue Oosterlaar
Position: Logistics Director
Contact Number: +31 97005032113
Email: info@aahtankbv.nl
Website: https://aahtankbv.nl/
About Ah Tank BV Tank Farm:
Location: Moezelweg 255, 3198 LS Europoort Rotterdam, Netherlands
Services Offered:
Storage of Petroleum Products: Ah Tank BV Tank Farm provides quality-assured storage for petroleum products, including crude oil and other petrochemicals.
Experience: With over 10 years of experience in the oil industry, they offer premier storage solutions for various applications.
Tank Storage Systems:
They manufacture storage systems as per international standards, including AP1650, GB50341, BS2654, and IS B8501. Their crude oil storage tanks are made from steel and are fully welded to ensure zero leakages.
They offer fiberglass tanks in various configurations and sizes, including diameters from 5' through 14' and heights or lengths up to 35.
Moezelweg 255, 3198 LS Ευτοπgort Rotterdam, Netherlands Contact Number: +31 97005032113 Email: info@aahtankbv.nl
For further information or inquiries about leasing their storage facility, you can directly contact Ah Tank BV Tank Farm using the provided contact details.
From the WhoIs for aahtankbv.nl
Domain name: aahtankbv.nl
Status: active

Creation Date: 2023-11-03
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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