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Info on the number +442033229679

Telephone number +442033229679 is a number from United Kingdom. The area code is 20, which covers the City/Town/Area of London.

Number portability may mean that this number is no longer used as a number, be assigned to a different provider or be being operated from a different location (even overseas in the case of VoIP numbers). If the number is being used to call you then it is also possible that the number is being spoofed and does not actually belong to the person using it.

Here is some general information about the number.

Country Code: 44
Country Name: United Kingdom
Area Name: London (20)
Validity: The number is the correct length for a UK land line phone number.

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This number is recorded in our database for the following scams:

1st June 2018 - Advance Fee Fraud Scam

On 1st June 2018, telephone number +442033229679 was reported as being used by scammers to pretend to be Marlene Graham using email address as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam.

In Advance Fee Fraud Scams, the scammer will offer you something of high value (a large sum of money or gold for example) and all you have to do is pay a "small" fee. What the scammer is offering you does not actually exist and the scammer will come up with fee after fee that needs to be paid by the victims, until he either runs out of money or realises that he has been scammed. The scammer will often pretend to be real people or companies, use fake websites and introduce various characters, all with the aim of convincing the victim that what is being offered to him is real.

Here is the email that the scammer sent to his victims.
United Nations Environment Programme.
London Office Address,
Chataway Hutton Leach Road
Chard FC7M-2DY, London,
Tel: +442033229679.
United Kingdom.

Attention Beneficiary:

If you received this message, no doubt about it, you have been awarded a grant donation from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) kindly go through the notification.

Your E-mail has been selected Among many which entitle you a grant donation of ($2, 000, 000, 00.U.S.D) (Two Million United State Dollars) from the world environmental day organize by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Saudi environmental society. (SENS) with Grant award pin number: 213300987.

The United Nations Environment Programme in conjunction with Saudi environmental society (SENS) to creating a sustainable developmental programs since environmental issues are worldwide problems knowing that environmental problems in one region also affects other regions.

This grant is release to selected persons in all regions worldwide. Selected individual, must be willing to use the grant for the purpose for which the grant was given to improve the ecosystem in his/her place of domicile to bring together the minded persons in the region to create climatic and environmental awareness among the populace about issues which are threatening the environment today. The utilization of the funds should be judiciously deployed. Briefly these are the environmental challenges our society are facing today?

Example: Flood, tornado, hurricane, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquake,Conflicts, Hazardous Waste, Heat Wave, Tsunami, Cyclonic storms, Droughts, Hailstorms, Wildfire, Torrential Rainfall, Landslide and Typhoon, etc. These can lead to financial environmental or human losses. This grant fund is awarded to you to assist society/community affected by these kinds of environmental disasters.

Since you have been selected as one of the beneficiary for grant this donation, you should contact the follow E-mail address( with your nameís and your (Grant award pin number: 213300987:) Note that this is a grant donation therefore it should be use only for the purpose for which it was meant for.

Our grant payout is located at Gulf/Middle East, United Kingdom, Europe and Asian, your grant payment will be directed to one of this region, after your grant is approved by the environmental society organization.

This notification is from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) /In Conjunction with Saudi Environmental society (SENS).

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Marlene Graham
United Nations Environment Programme.

Further details of this report can be found on the forum

*NOTE* Phone numbers can be regularly re-assigned if the person using them stops paying the bill. This number was included in scammer emails or websites on the dates shown above, but may have since been reassigned. If you have evidence of more recent scam activity using the number, please use the contact page to let us know or post the details in our forum. You can also add brief comments in the comments section below.

This number could also be written in the following formats

442033229679 +442033229679 00442033229679 011442033229679 0011442033229679
010442033229679 44 20 3322 9679 44 20 33229679 44-20-3322-9679 44-20-33229679
44 (0)20 3322 9679 44 (0)20 33229679 44 (0)20-3322-9679 44 (0)20-33229679 44(0)20 3322 9679
+44 20 3322 9679 +44 20 33229679 +44-20-3322-9679 +44-20-33229679 +44 (0)20 3322 9679
+44 (0)20 33229679 +44 (0)20-3322-9679 +44 (0)20-33229679 +44(0)20 3322 9679 0044 20 3322 9679
0044 20 33229679 0044-20-3322-9679 0044-20-33229679 0044 (0)20 3322 9679 0044 (0)20 33229679
0044 (0)20-3322-9679 0044 (0)20-33229679 0044(0)20 3322 9679 01144 20 3322 9679 01144 20 33229679
01144-20-3322-9679 01144-20-33229679 01144 (0)20 3322 9679 01144 (0)20 33229679 01144 (0)20-3322-9679
01144 (0)20-33229679 01144(0)20 3322 9679 001144 20 3322 9679 001144 20 33229679 001144-20-3322-9679
001144-20-33229679 001144 (0)20 3322 9679 001144 (0)20 33229679 001144 (0)20-3322-9679 001144 (0)20-33229679
001144(0)20 3322 9679 01044 20 3322 9679 01044 20 33229679 01044-20-3322-9679 01044-20-33229679
01044 (0)20 3322 9679 01044 (0)20 33229679 01044 (0)20-3322-9679 01044 (0)20-33229679 01044(0)20 3322 9679
020 3322 9679 020 33229679 020-3322-9679 020-33229679 (0)20 3322 9679
(0)20 33229679 (0)20-3322-9679 (0)20-33229679

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