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Info on the number +41779219752

Here is some general information about the number.

Country Code: 41
Country Name: Switzerland
Type: Mobile
Original Provider: M-Budget and Tele2
Validity: The number is the correct length for a Swiss phone number.

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16th March 2015 -

On 16th March 2015, telephone number +41779219752 was used to call a honeypot number that is only used in connection with replies to scam emails. The number is therefore assumed to be being used by a scammer or spammer, although there is a remote possibility that it may have just been a misdialed call.

*NOTE* Phone numbers can be regularly re-assigned if the person using them stops paying the bill. This number was included in scammer emails or websites on the dates shown above, but may have since been reassigned. If you have evidence of more recent scam activity using the number, please use the contact page to let us know or post the details in our forum. You can also add brief comments in the comments section below.

This number could also be written in the following formats

41779219752 +41779219752 0041779219752 01141779219752 001141779219752
01041779219752 41 77 921 97 52 +41 77 921 97 52 0041 77 921 97 52 01141 77 921 97 52
001141 77 921 97 52 01041 77 921 97 52

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