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Info on the number +2347051833210

Telephone number +2347051833210 is a number from Nigeria. The area code is 705. The number is designated as being used for Mobile telephones. The number was originally operated by the provider Globacom Limited.

Number portability may mean that this number is no longer used as a Mobile number, be assigned to a different provider or be being operated from a different location (even overseas in the case of VoIP numbers). If the number is being used to call you then it is also possible that the number is being spoofed and does not actually belong to the person using it.

Here is some general information about the number.

Country Code: 234
Country Name: Nigeria
Type: Mobile
Original Provider: Globacom Limited
Validity: The number is the correct length for a Nigerian mobile phone number.

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This number is recorded in our database for the following scams:

12th January 2018 - Advance Fee Fraud Scam

On 12th January 2018, telephone number +2347051833210 was reported as being used by scammers to pretend to be Dr Femi Adesina using email address as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam.

In Advance Fee Fraud Scams, the scammer will offer you something of high value (a large sum of money or gold for example) and all you have to do is pay a "small" fee. What the scammer is offering you does not actually exist and the scammer will come up with fee after fee that needs to be paid by the victims, until he either runs out of money or realises that he has been scammed. The scammer will often pretend to be real people or companies, use fake websites and introduce various characters, all with the aim of convincing the victim that what is being offered to him is real.

Here is the email that the scammer sent to his victims.
Dear Beneficiary
I write to inform you the following.The only way for you to receive
your contract payment is to perfect your Deed of Assignment.I have
been able to discover that you are not the original contractor that
executed this contract for the Federal Government of Nigeria.You came
into the picture as a Sub-Contractor. The original contractors that
were awarded this contract are French company known as "Bouygues
International of France. This company now called you in as a

But because you did not perfect the Deed of Assignment of the contract
that is why your name appears as the beneficiary and the name of this
French company also appears as the beneficiary and with such conflict,
funds will not be transferred to your account nor that of the
"Bouygues" as you do not have 100% legal claims over the said

The only way to rectify this problem is that, a copy of the Deed of
Assignment will be obtain to from the federal High Court of justice
Nigeria, for the commissioner of Oath to endorse, necessary stamp
duties paid on it, as soon as this is done, the name of "Bouygues"
will be wiped out of the central computer system and your name will
appear as the only beneficiary, only then can transfer be made to your

Be informed that nobody is trying to play a fast one on your payment
nor trying to divert your funds. This is just the only problem you
seem to have been facing with the Nigerian Government for the past
years.Finally, email me your telephone AND email to send a specimen of
the Deed of Assignment, to enable you have a look and understand
exactly what I mean.

Best Regards
Dr Femi Adesina
Special Adviser On Media And Publicity To Muhammadu Buhari,The
President of Nigeria
phone: + ( +2347051833210)

Further details of this report can be found on the forum

*NOTE* Phone numbers can be regularly re-assigned if the person using them stops paying the bill. This number was included in scammer emails or websites on the dates shown above, but may have since been reassigned. If you have evidence of more recent scam activity using the number, please use the contact page to let us know or post the details in our forum. You can also add brief comments in the comments section below.

This number could also be written in the following formats

2347051833210 +2347051833210 002347051833210 0112347051833210 00112347051833210
0102347051833210 234 705 183 3210 234 7051833210 234-7051833210 234-705-1833-210
234-705-183-3210 234-70-51833210 +234 705 183 3210 +234 7051833210 +234-7051833210
+234-705-1833-210 +234-705-183-3210 +234-70-51833210 00234 705 183 3210 00234 7051833210
00234-7051833210 00234-705-1833-210 00234-705-183-3210 00234-70-51833210 011234 705 183 3210
011234 7051833210 011234-7051833210 011234-705-1833-210 011234-705-183-3210 011234-70-51833210
0011234 705 183 3210 0011234 7051833210 0011234-7051833210 0011234-705-1833-210 0011234-705-183-3210
0011234-70-51833210 010234 705 183 3210 010234 7051833210 010234-7051833210 010234-705-1833-210
010234-705-183-3210 010234-70-51833210 (+234) 7051-833210

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