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Info on the number +15752196437

Telephone Number +15752196437 is a NANP Number and is in Area Code 575, Exchange Code 219 in New Mexico (NM), USA. The number was originally operated by the provider Level 3 Communications, LLC - NM.

Number portability may mean that this number is no longer used as a number, be assigned to a different provider or be being operated from a different location (even overseas in the case of VoIP numbers). If the number is being used to call you then it is also possible that the number is being spoofed and does not actually belong to the person using it.

Here is some general information about the number.

Country Code: 1
Country Name: USA
Area Name: New Mexico (NM) (575)
Original Provider: Level 3 Communications, LLC - NM
Validity: The number is the correct length for a North American number.

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This number is recorded in our database for the following scams:

2nd February 2019 - Advance Fee Fraud Scam

On 2nd February 2019, telephone number +15752196437 was reported as being used by scammers to pretend to be William Mejor using email address as part of an Advance Fee Fraud Scam.

In Advance Fee Fraud Scams, the scammer will offer you something of high value (a large sum of money or gold for example) and all you have to do is pay a "small" fee. What the scammer is offering you does not actually exist and the scammer will come up with fee after fee that needs to be paid by the victims, until he either runs out of money or realises that he has been scammed. The scammer will often pretend to be real people or companies, use fake websites and introduce various characters, all with the aim of convincing the victim that what is being offered to him is real.

Here is the email that the scammer sent to his victims.
Attention Dear Beneficiary,

Good day, before I commence I will like to indicate my gratitude well know to you, it might sound you ridicules, this message is from the Department of Government Of West African High Court Eco-was, why I took the obligation to write you is that, as the chief judge of the Nation are having a great problem with the United Nation and US Embassy here in my country all because of you.

Now I want to let you know that it have been a war here for a week and two days now, so I decided to control everything with my veto power rested on me as the chief judge of this country, you can go through my profile so that you will get me right okay. ... ina-Al.jpg am the new chief judge of High Court Eco-was B/R now I want to share this with you and I want you to tell me the whole truth and nothing but the truth so that I will know how to face or handle the circumstance, (1.) Have you been sending fee to this country? (2.) Have you received any money from any one from this county? (3.)Have you received your ATM CARD? tell me the whole through about this and i will help you as the new chief judge to receive your ATM CARD fund.

Please I need your urgent respond and I want you never put fear in this matter just be sincere with me and tell me how thing have been for all this while, am having problem now with United Nation and US Embassy here, putting me and my country as a fraudsters on BBC NEWS so your name was among those been scammed from my country and I will like you to indicate to me perfectly. Due to you have been compensated with $10.5 Million credited into ATM CARD and once i confirm the truth from you i shall proceed to deliver the Card to you without any further delaying.

You advice to contact Mr William mejor to this Email-( ) or Text me here +1 (575) 219-6437 with your full address information urgent to enable him deliver your ATM CARD fund $10.5 million immediately. I Waiting to hear from you toward these imperative thanks.

Receiver's Name____
Phone Number:____
I.D Card:________


Further details of this report can be found on the forum

*NOTE* Phone numbers can be regularly re-assigned if the person using them stops paying the bill. This number was included in scammer emails or websites on the dates shown above, but may have since been reassigned. If you have evidence of more recent scam activity using the number, please use the contact page to let us know or post the details in our forum. You can also add brief comments in the comments section below.

This number could also be written in the following formats

15752196437 +15752196437 0015752196437 01115752196437 001115752196437
01015752196437 1 (575) 219-6437 1-575-219-6437 1 575 219 6437 1-575-219-6437
1 575-219-6437 +1 (575) 219-6437 +1-575-219-6437 +1 575 219 6437 + 1-575-219-6437
+1 575-219-6437 001 (575) 219-6437 001-575-219-6437 001 575 219 6437 00 1-575-219-6437
001 575-219-6437 0111 (575) 219-6437 0111-575-219-6437 0111 575 219 6437 011 1-575-219-6437
0111 575-219-6437 00111 (575) 219-6437 00111-575-219-6437 00111 575 219 6437 0011 1-575-219-6437
00111 575-219-6437 0101 (575) 219-6437 0101-575-219-6437 0101 575 219 6437 010 1-575-219-6437
0101 575-219-6437 (575) 219-6437 575-219-6437

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