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Tel. Nos.: +19406416514, +19404416554, +13479540317 & +13479222317
Emails: hr@achieveoilandgas.com & info@usclearances.com
Domains: achieveoilandgas.com, usclearance.com & usclearances.com
Scam Type: Employment Scam

1221 McKinney St #300,
Houston TX 77010, United States
Phone: +1 940 641 6514
Fax: +1 940-441-6554
Email: hr@achieveoilandgas.com
Email: info@achieveoilandgas.com
Website: http://www.achieveoilandgas.com
Date: 14/11/2019



Employment Agreement, between Achieve Oil And Gas Limited hereinafter called the Employer and above (Employee) agreed on terms of this employment contract offer. For good consideration, the Company employs the Employee on the following terms and conditions.

POSITION: Sr. Sales and Marketing

Monday 6TH JANAURY 2020 (You are to report on this date in order to attend our (2) weeks orientation scheduled in Houston TX United State of America before Job commencement)

THREE YEARS (Renewable after a satisfactory performance JOB LOCATION: Houston Texas United State of America

Should you accept this Job offer, as per company policy you shall be expected to work with a prime experienced Achieve Oil And Gas Limited team with the mandate to provide onshore/Offshore excellent services as stipulated in this contract document (8) hours a day, (5) days a week (2) day off every each week.

USD $18,500 (EIGHTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATE DOLLARS) Per Month, after Tax to be paid at end of every month from the employee work period. Employee is eligible to receive paycheck in USD via Bank transfer to any choice account.

Employee shall be entitled to over-time allowance if employee work time exceeds the official stipulated hours. Salary shall also be liable to increments with time of employees' official promotions and position in service.

Sign-On Bonus USD$9,500 (In Your First Check) Paid for Vacation (Both Return Ticket)
Education Assistance
Health and Sick Leave
Dental, Life and Disability Insurance
One Laptop Computer
Visa, Air Ticket & Work/Residence Permit. Child daycare assistance

During any of your vacation Achieve Oil And Gas Limited shall pay for your flight ticket.

All Employees will receive USD 5,500.00 Take home for each leaves Period. Employer for each Inter - continental trip shall pay USD 4,000.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ACHIEVE oil will arrange your visa and working permit without any cost from the employee but the Employee must first procure his or her United States Clearance documents recently introduce by trump administration for all job applicant traveling to the state before ACHIEVE will provide above benefits listed in 8.0 in line with United State clearance.

All reimbursement on expenses associated with this job/contract engagement process will be made alongside with your relocation expenses and travel allowances payment before your travel for the commencement of work. Such expenses include cost of obtaining United States Security clearance, endorsement, Immunization/shots in the case were an expatriate gets such service from a special or personal doctor. Employee shall be entitled to (3) different Vacation per year which can be taken (once in every (3) months of employee work period) with duration of (21) day vacation leave within the period of employee contract agreement with ACHIEVE OIL.


ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED has provided a suitable Accommodation in the forms of One Bedroom (applying to single Employees) and family sized accommodations (in the case of married Employees) in the ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED Residential Estates. You shall eat at employer cafeteria free of charge as there are dietary options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Privacy rights are strictly observed and will “NOT BE VIOLATED”.

In the event that the Employee cannot perform the duties because of illness or incapacity for a period of more than (6) weeks, the compensation otherwise due during said illness or incapacity will be reduced by (15) percent. The Employee's full compensation will be reinstated upon return to work. However, if the Employee is absent from work for any reason for a continuous period of over (4) months, the Company may terminate the Employee's employment, and the Company's obligations under this agreement will cease on that date.

ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED will provide Employee with life insurance coverage, Hospitalization and major medical insurance at no cost to the Employee. Should Employee die during the term of employment, the Company shall pay to Employee's estate any compensation due through the end of the month in which death occurred and onward proceeding to the employees family for duration of (3) years.

Expenses concerning Employee Traveling document to Job location Houston TX United State, shall be catered by the Employer (Visa, Flight Ticket Work and Residence Permit) shall be provided by employer once employee has procure his or her united state clearance from US SECURITY CLEARANCE OFFICE


To be eligible to work with ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED All non United State resident Employees are required to possess and submit hard copies of UNITED STATES SECURITY CLEARANCE, this will enable ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED prove to United State government that you are of good character and you have never been convicted of any terrorist or criminal offence prior to embarking on Job location.

As a result of the recent number of candidates being employed through our various number of Companies located around the globe, we humbly would like to inform you that all our newly hired prospective employees (Non USA Resident) are expected to procure a UNITED STATES CLEARANCE and EMPLOYMENT REGISTRATION on their own as these documents will enable ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED expedite with acquisition of your employment traveling papers at the Homeland Security Office.
All recently hired employees of ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED who do not reside in United State presently and without a valid US Security Clearance are advised to contact UNITED STATE SECURITY CLEARANCE OFFICE for assessment and swift procurement of the document which is to be procure on or before 24th NOVEMBER 2019 Below are their contact details;
275 Madison Avenue
6th and 14th Floor,
New York, NY 10016
P: +13479540317
F: +13479222317
E: info@usclearances.com
W: http://www.usclearance.com

300 Dufferin Ave, London, Ontario N6B 1Z2, Canada
On successfully procurement of your State Security documents (NON UNITED STATES RESIDENT EMPLOYEE’S) before resumption of duty ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED shall subsequently reimburse employee any amount spent in the process after the submission of expense receipt. ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED makes hotel reservation before your arrival in United State on procurement of your Us Clearance Documents and shall send to you through courier service (DHL) the following items:
1. COE-USAMG2014
2. Air Ticket
3. Job offer Letter (Hard Copy)
4. Job offer Certificate
5. New-Hire Instructions (Pamphlet)
6. Valid Three Years Visa and Working Permit
7. US Health Travel Insurance Certificate
8. Discover US (Magazine from the Ministry of Tourism; 2019 Edition)

Recreational/Sports and gym Facilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all staff with no expenses to be incurred at the staff MWR. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will also be made available to all staff by the company's laundry and dry cleaning unit.

Employee shall be employed by Employer for a period of three (3) years from the effective date aforementioned. This letter of agreement shall be automatically renewed for a successive additional Two (2) year term unless notice of termination is given in writing by either party to the other party at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the initial term or any such renewal term.

Security (Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations, all staff are entitled to security both at work locations & Residential Quarters.

As inscribed above, you shall also be expected to start your job processes by acquiring your EMPLOYMENT AND US CLEARANCE from US CLEARANCE OFFICE (NON US RESIDENT EMPLOYEE’S)
sign of readiness to enable you receive all your up-front due entitlements prior to resumption of duty in order to settle all domestic necessities before embarking on project trip to forestall delays on your side . GOVERNING LAW/ AUTHORIZATION TO WORK

This letter of Employment agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with, and be governed by, the laws of the United State Government at the second ministerial meeting between United Nations (UN on terrorism, which was held in Brussels on 11th March 2019. Where regulations adopted on Immigration Reform and Control Act, you will need to present documentation (USA State Security Clearance) demonstrating that you have authorization to work in Oil & Gas onshore/offshore contract project in United State of America.

To accept this Job offer, sign and date this Job offer letter where indicated below. Kind Regards,
Prof. Jones James
(Human Resources Director)
By signing and dating this letter below, I, ____________________________ hereby accept this job offer of __________________________________________ ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED
Your Signature: ____________________________ Date: ____________________________
Employment Terms
I understand that I may voluntarily terminate my employment. I further understand that I will not be terminated involuntarily at will, rather it will be with cause or prior notice, at any time, regarding of documents or oral or written statements issued by the ACHIEVE OIL AND GAS LIMITED or its representatives. With this understanding, I accept the position with the terms as stated above.

From the WhoIs for achieveoilandgas.com:
Creation Date: 2019-11-09T10:59:36Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2020-11-09T10:59:36Z

From the WhoIs for usclearance.com:
Creation Date: 2017-12-30T07:08:50Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2027-12-30T07:08:50Z

Registrant State/Province: Shan Xi

From the WhoIs for usclearance.com:
Creation Date: 2019-11-12T07:45:55Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-11-12T07:45:55Z

Registrant Name: John Munro
Registrant Organization: Jonmore Ventures and Companies. Ltd.
Registrant Street: 191 Peachtree Street NE, #4400
Registrant City: Atlanta
Registrant State/Province: GA
Registrant Postal Code: 30303
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8555511010
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: micheljohnmunro45@gmail.com
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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Name: State Security Clearance
Email: info@usclearances.com
Domain: usclearances.com
Tel. Nos.: +13473538521 & +13479222317
Scam Type: Fake Website

Website reported as fraudulent in the Artists Against 419 database.
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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