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from: Andrei Pavel <borneo.oil.gaz@icloud.com>

Dear Sir,

A transaction was closed on 14th of August 2018 between Soyuz Terminal
LLC of Russia , offshore Buyer indicated your information as the
consulting /Agent who processed the transaction between the Mandate-,
seller company and to the Buyers Company.

This is to inform you that we are in possession of unclaimed
Commission of $3.7m which is in conformity with tenet and principles
that governs global marketing of petroleum product and our effort is
now to contact the rightful owner of this commission and release
according to international banking Standard.

This payment was received in time but it had been credited to our
Fiduciary account for remittance to the rightful Mandate which bears a
similar name to your company, as a result the management deems it
necessary to send you a request for further claim which is conformity
with policy governing the payment of commission.

All requests for claim which we have received did not match with our
record of the ownership. Thereby we urgently request of you to
contact us with proof of your mandate certificate issued by Soyuz
Terminal LLC of Russia and upon your response our paying Bank in
London will start the fund transfer process.

we would like you to consider also to embrace and encompass this in
true transparency and compliance terms.
Harley Pierre-Yves
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