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Our priorities:


We Board of Directors, Members and Committee Of Great British High Commission is now aware of your winning prize. We write to remind you that we receive a report that Bank did not transfer your winning prize to your destined Indian Bank details, After our investigation, We confirmed that you are the Winner of Mobile Award 2009/2010/2013/2014. We have also confirmed that up until this moment that have not received your Winning amount 2Million Pounds. After our numerous verifications we found out that Bank could not transfer your winning amount to you due to some banking policy and you low co-operation to them,

In regards to the above mentioned problems, We (BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION) have decided to release your winning amount directly to your bank account without any delay.

Listen Very Attentively To Enable You Receive Your Mobile Winning Prize!!!

By the power and authority, we have conveyed your transaction to NATWEST BANK PLC which will transfer your winning prize; you?re to contact NATWEST BANK PLC with your banks personal detail for them to transfer your winning amount directly to your bank account without any further delay. Be informed that the only money you will pay to them is (95 Pounds Equivalent 8,898.58 INR) which is their service charges. The reason why you have to pay the charges first to them is because there is an instruction place by (B.M.O.F) British Ministry Of Finance not to deduct any charges from your winning amount for security purposes,.

This Is Details To Contact NATWEST BANK PLC.

Contact Person: Dr. Francis.Harrysen,
General Manager Foreign Transfer,
Bank Email ID: nwtbk1929@accountant.com
Bank Phone Number: +44-793-7423-946
Bank Fax Number: +44-7017-4140-05

Is important you call (Dr. Francis.Harrysen),The General Manager of NATWEST BANK PLC as soon as you receive this mail and furnish them with your details to receive your prize,Below is the information you are required to forward to NATWEST BANK PLC.

Your Full Name?????
You?re Address????..
You?re State?????
You?re Direct Mobile Phone??..
Your Office/ Home Phone???..
You?re Bank Name???..
Bank Account No #..............
Account Holder ????
You?re Bank Swift Code Id any?..............
Your Occupation?????..
Your Next Of Kin Names?????..
Your age......................

While sending the above listed details, Remember to ask NATWEST BANK PLC UK on how will you pay their bank required service charges of (95 Pounds Equivalent 8,898.58 INR) which is the only money you will pay to them for immediate transfer of your winning amount. If they as you for any additional money after you have paid.Do report to us and legal action will be taken against that. We guarantee your transaction with NATWEST BANK PLC UK. Follow our instruction, you will not have any problem.

From British High Commission Foreign Secretary William Hague has made a statement following the decision to place on your winning amount.

British High Commission Office,
King Charles Street,London.SW1A 2AH
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