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From: brichardsanco@naver.com
Reply-to: brichardsanco@gmail.com
Good day Dearest Friend,

With due respect is a pleasure to come in contact with you, and I guess this mail may come to you as a surprise. I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reason.

My name is Barrister Richard Sanco, I am a Togolese, also I am privileged to be the legal adviser to one foreign expatriate who resided in Togo as of 70's and worked in Togo before his death in 2007.I will require your assistant on this matter.

My client had an account with a bank here in Togo amounting to $14.3mill on USA dollars. The challenges ahead of the fund, is that,This bank had given me notification to present the relatives since the beneficiary in no more or the account will be declared unclaimed.

The account has been in active and nobody has come with prove to claim the fund and there was no will written before his death, on this note that: Is why I search and fortunately I come in contact with you, now I want you to cooperate with me to claim this fund with the bank since you are a foreigner like my client and also you bear same name.

I don't say he is your relative, in fact I do not know about his relatives and no record about them nor has he mention where to locate them,I have confident because there is documented evidence of this matter to back the claim, we will benefit. So if this proposal is acceptable to you, confirm this message by replying through my private email address brichardSanco@gmail.com )for more details to proceed.

Yours sincerely
Barr. Richard Sanco.
Tel: +228-98170891
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