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From: fivefacess1@gmail.com
Tel. No.: +233546798639
Scam Type: Advance Fee Fraud Scam
My Dear Friend

My name is Dr. John donkor ,I am the CEO of five face animal Services
Ghana ltd I am contacting you for some help. I want to relocate to
your country because we are facing a political problem in our country
and economy problem, There is a lot of problem in our government here
in Ghana west Africa, There is no truth in our government any longer.
Because of this, i and my son have decided to relocate to your
country so that we can have a good rest of mind. Why I am contacting
you is because we do not know anybody in your country that will assist
us. I am pleading for your assistance for you to be our family friend
in your country so that you can help us,direct us when we arrive in
your country.

We are two (2) family, me and my son,my son is working with me in my
company here.Please I would like to hear from you, because I would
only like you to tell us if it is possible to get a resident permit in
your country when we arrive.Also i would like to know if it is
possible,if you can help give me a good house agent contact in your
country who will help me get a small house that i can buy when we
arrive,Because i will buy house when we come,pls i will pay the house
agent to get us the house in your country,i will also like to
establish my company in your country when we arrive,if possible i can
invest in your company or your area of business when we arrive Please
let me know if you can assist us.

Dr. John donkor
CEO five face animal Services Ghana ltd
email fivefacess1@gmail.com
telephone +233546798639
address:14 koffi Lane, East Legon Accra Ghana
Accra Ghana
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