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Postby Red Dragon » Fri May 18, 2018 11:33 am

From: OFFICE FILE <briangilbert@outlook.fr>
From the desk of your diplomat agent Dr Richard Peterson foreign delivery man of God, world regulatory

Attention my dear beneficiary,

How are you today my dear together with your family, I am diplomatic agent Dr Richard Peterson . please dear what is going on? where are you right now i have been call you and you don't pick up my calls, well if what am hearing is not truth kindly get back to me very urgently to this email, we have a crucial situation here in this airport, please i need to know the truth before handing over your 2 consignment boxes worth $18.5millions to them for me to go back to my country, the situation here in this airport is that some group of persons in number of two united state of America came to this airport and told me that you had an auto-crash last week and you died two days ago thereafter, and that upon your death, you assigned them to be the next of kin over your funds and properties,

SO PLEASE I AM VERY MUCH CONFUSED HERE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO do because they brought a death certificate signed by a medical doctor showing that you are dead. they also brought a signed letter of change of ownership and appointment of next-of-kin over your properties including your funds on the consignment boxes that are with me in this airport and they said that you even made a provision of the needed $65.00 usd for them to clear all the outstanding bill delaying the smooth delivery of your consignment box to you in your home, but personally i'm not well convinced that you are dead that is why i asked them to hold back the $65.00 and come back tomorrow so that i will do my own investigations to find out if you are dead or alive because i am confuse if is truth okay.

prior to this development i told them to come back tomorrow, meanwhile; i have reported this case to the airport police authority, so if indeed you are alive, i want you to write me back immediately you receive this email before it will be too late, to decide on how to get them arrest with the airport police authority when those men comes back tomorrow. you are to get back to me with the payment information of the needed fee of $$65.00 dollars, send the fee to the origin country of your consignment when it came from been Benin republic for them to clear all the outstanding bill delaying the smooth delivery of your consignment boxes to you in your home,

Here is the payment details and please do try your possible best to send it before 4:pm today as i have no mush time left to enable me
come over to your house and hand over your package to you and then go back immediately.

receiver name;....... Oye Udi
country;..............Benin republic
test question;........in god
answer;..............we trust
Sender's name..........

kindly do that immediately because if you fail to do that, i will assume that you are dead as they have claimed, and hand over your consignment box over to them and go back to my country, your non-compliance will mean that actually you are dead as they claim and i will not hesitate to hand over your consignment box to them and go back as they have pleaded to me. i will be waiting to hear from you today

thanks and god bless
yours faithfully
i am diplomatic agent Dr Richard Peterson
you can sms me only on (202) 996-2658
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