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Tel. No.: +902123291888
Emails: hr.petrolofisis@gmail.com & inquiry_sherritgrenne@consultant.com
Scam Type: Employment Scam

From: PETROL OFISI TURKEY. - hr.petrolofisis@gmail.com
PHONE: 0800 211 02 29, MOBILE: 0055 675 55 55
FAX NUMBER: +90 212 329 18 88

Dear XXX

Having completed the screening of your Bio-data and qualifications as recommended by our recruitment department for the position given upon in your Employment Appointment, the project board hereby affirms your probationary appointment in this project with the approval given by the PETROL OFISI Management.

We shall provide 2 years visa and work permit for the employee and we shall provide your flight ticket after procurement of your visa and work permit papers.

You are only required by law to obtain and process your Employment Authorization Guarantee Certificate. All applications for Employment Authorization Guarantee Certificate and Visa should be channel through our Visa Travel Agent with details Below:

Name: BARR. James Greene Robert Jr.
Address: 22 Aksaray Istanbul, turkey
Email Id: inquiry_sherritgrenne@consultant.com

The document attached embodies the approved terms and condition, details of this contract. You are required to properly read and endorse the contract agreement if found satisfactory. The endorsed copy must be scanned and returned via email attachment so that we can officially confirm your acceptance of your appointment offer.

Do contact the Human Resources Unit as soon as possible; with copies of the endorsed contract agreement documents for your appointment processing, being conscious of the given time frame by the management to complete your appointment processing as stated in your attached appointment letter and also do send it along with the below documentations and also send it to the above accredited Visa Representative as well.

1. Scan copy of your Valid passport
2. Scan copy of your recent full-face Colored Photographs 4x6cm
3. Scan copy of your most recent diploma and degree Certificate.
4. Scan copy of your duly Signed Job appointment Letter

And immediately we confirm the above Documents from your End, we shall forward the following to the same Visa Representative to facilitate the processing of your traveling documents:

1) Covering letter from employer on company letter head with original Seal,Sign, Name and Designation of the Signatory person.
2) Colored scanned copy of Invitation letter.
3) Visa Payment Receipt.
4) Recommendation/Registration letter from relevant chamber of commerce.
5) Bank statement.

Note: you might bear minute cost during the Visa/Work permit process, but we shall reimburse whatever expenses you incurred during this process. [You will not be reimbursed, the money will simply be stolen]

Note that there will be no telephonic or online Interview as we will be following the principles of the new Turkish Expatriate Policy. In this regards, appointment are given based on the qualification on your CV / Resume as such is the final conclusion of the Authority. Reason based on the fact that there maybe ill and non-excellent interview as the applicant is not being interview physically.

We thank you for your valuable time and look forward to your accepting of our Offer.

Congratulations on Your success.

Yours Truly,MOHAMMED BIN SALEH AL-SAD,Vice President- Human Resource,PETROL OFISI
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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