Numbers that have appeared in scam emails and are used by the scammers. Only posts about verified numbers are moved to this forum.
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Tel. No.: +12183097859
Email: hrtheoutnychotel@hotmail.com
Scam Type: Employment Scam
NEW YORK, NY 10036 T.
+1 2183 097 859
http://theoutnyc.com/ <-- Mod Note: This is a legitimate domain that is not part of the scam. The scammer is just quoting it to look legitimate

Human Relations Manager
Human Resources department Date:- 23RD September, 2015
The Out Hotel, New York

PASSPORT NUMBER:- xxxxxxxxxxx

With reference to your application and subsequent online interview with The out hotel ,New York. We are pleased to offer you employment in The out hotel ,New York, United State of America. The employment is subjected to the following terms and conditions;

CONTRACT PERIOD: This contract will be valid for a period of Three years from the date of joining and is renewable after the completion of the first 3years.

Basic Salary; $6,500 (Monthly). $78,000(Per Annum).
Housing; Suitable housing facility will be provided by the Company.
Telephone; Telephone allowance will be given to you by the Company.
Medical; Medical coverage as per company rules and regulations shall be provided by the company.
Transport; Transport will be provided for official usage.
Settlement Allowance; $2000 and two months upfront salary on joining.
Annual Leave; Annual leave of one calendar month for each complete year of employment will be
allowed. This may be accumulated for two year and available together. Leave encashment may also be
permitted at management discretion.

Leave passage; Return air passage airfare for economic class will be given to you and your family i.e., Wife/Husband and two children under the age of eighteen years.

Joining Expenses; You and your family (Wife and Husband with two Children up to the age of eighteen)
will be entitled to economy class air ticket.

Visa Expenses; You shall responsible for the Visa expenses but will be reimbursed on joining.
Bonus; Bonus mat be payable at the management discretion.

Education Expenses; School fees up to Five thousand Dollars($5,000) for 2 Children per annum for
actual fees will be your entitlement for your Children education. Expenses for uniforms, Textbooks, etc.; will be borne by you
USA- Visa consular
.2. WORKING HOURS: You shall be required to work Six hours in a day twenty eight hours per week. TERMINATION: This contract can be terminated by either, *if you desire to leave this Job and the
service of this company, you shall be required to give a notice of 30 working days or 30 working days salary in lieu of the notice thereof. In case of the termination of employment by the employer on disciplinary ground, no notice period or compensation in lieu of the notice period is required to be given.

SECRECY CLAUSE: You shall not part with any of the information to any outside person or any organization. Breach of this condition shall be considered as a serious offence which may necessitate suitable action being taken by the company against you.

RESTRAINT OF EMPLOYMENT: You shall be restrained from taking any employment with any of our sister company's competitors in USA unless company’s prior permission is obtained.

JOINING PERIOD: You are required to join this job 30days from the date of acceptance.

COMPENSATION CLAUSE: In case you resign or otherwise wish to leave the service of the company
before completing one full year of service under any circumstances whatsoever, you shall compensate
the company for:
Joining expenses incurred by the company on you; and Three months salary (Salary that will be
retained up to two years as a security and after successful completion of two years shall be

With this contract, any past contract signed by you with us, with any of our Sister companies or with any of our representatives are to be treated as null and void. You shall not have any objection to work, even if you are transferred to any of our branches.

If you are interested and wish to accept this offer of employment, please sign the duplicate copy of this letter and return it to the management as soon as possible. In the event we have not heard from you
on time, this offer will be automatically withdrawn.
I …….………………………………………..…….……….,fully understand the terms of employment and the implication set out in the above letter. I now accept the offer of employment. Sign and forward to your

USA- Visa Consular
Sign Signature and Date
Kelly .M. Fosta
Human Resources department
Copyright©The Out Hotel. All rights reserved/ Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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Re: +12183097859

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Tel. No.: +12183097859
Email: hrd_chronos@worker.com
Scam Type: Employment Scam

Feedback from a visitor to the main site:
WIth regard to number (218) 309-7859 it is also currently being used as a scam offering employment via Chronos Oil and Gas USA.
Chronos have no association at all with the person fraudently using their name.
The person is asking for fee money which is a simple scam and fraud.
Do not engage with the person for any dealing. The real Chronos phone numbers can be found on their webpage.

The FAKE email address the person is using is hrd_chronos@worker.com
You can contact me at admin @ scamnumbers . info
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