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Emails: vfsaustralia-gov@australiamail.com & career_fultonhogan@qualityservice.com
Tel. Nos.: +919873076312 & +61280155916
Scam Type: Employment Scam
Fulton Hogan career_fultonhogan@qualityservice.com

Fulton Hogan, Sargent Street,
Alice Springs NT 0870,

Fulton Hogan Appointment Letter and Affidavit of Support and Consent:

Dear XXX

Your name has been shortlisted/chooses among the lucky candidate who successfully pass our company application process, we appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our company. We have gone through your profile and your qualifications have made us to offer you the position as mention on your appointment letter and Affidavit of Support and Consent, because of your educational background and work experience. Any documents sent to you read very carefully and understand before you lay your signature and return to us and copy to Immigration Attorney please note.

In this mail there is an attached document called the Worker's Appointment Letter and Affidavit of Support and Consent, which you have to print out cooler, sign and return it back to us and copy also to Immigration Attorney immediately for other official endorsement. Remember that you have only few weeks of enrollment in our company with all the legal formalities being completed including the Visa/Work Permit processing period.

Note: All applicants will take care of their Medical Fitness Coverage, Travellers Insurance and other relevant documents with the Immigration Attorney/Australian Embassy in their respective countries, our company shall provide Visa, Work Permit, Flight Ticket (s) and Accommodation for employee who is ready to relocate to Australia and work with Fulton Hogan. Only applicants who possess the Appointment / Offer Letter and Affidavit of Support and Consent have been appointed and also note that we have sent your invitation letter along with all related documents to the Immigration attorney in India.

However, for expatriate services, employees who do not presently posses their valid Australia residence and Work Permit papers, they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the procurement of their valid residence and work permit papers with the Australia Immigration Services in their Various countries.

Also as an employee, immigration attorney will process your working permit in India while you need a Valid Work and Residence Permit. We are providing you with the contact details of the immigration attorney over there in your country (India) so as to make things easier for you in obtaining the required traveling documents. So you should take note of this.

As it is stated in the Agreement letter soft copy; (a) you are to take responsibility for your Medical Fitness Coverage and Travellers Insurance. (b) That the Company will pay for your flight ticket to Australia after your Visa is approved (c) The Company will take responsibility for your Visa processing fees. Attached to this mail is your Appointment / Offer Letter and Affidavit of Support and Consent, you are to sign and send a copy to the Australia immigration attorney.

Note: As for the visa and work permit, due to the restriction on visa work permit by the EU/EEA national because of European Union economic crisis that lead to over 70% of visa work permit are refused every year because of this, the company have decided that You are to contact Immigration attorney in India with the sign Appointment letter, Affidavit of Support and Consent and sign agreement letter also return a copy of the Appointment Letter to the company for confirmation, ensure you comply with her advice and directives to help you process your visa approval without delay to avoid Embassy interview failure, prolong interview appointment date, visa refusal and visa denial by the High Commission office, she knows the best way to which you can have your visa as urgent, she is to take care of the visa process for you as we have pleaded.

Finally, we look forward to you and the Embassy Immigration officer to give us the possible date that you want our office to schedule your flight ticket Kindly give further update on your correspondence with the immigration officer of the Australia High Commission in India. we look forward to receive you in Australia for resumption of office.

You have to contact the below person representing a higher percentage of expatriate status employee with your complete details including tel. contact to fasting up the process in relations to this procedure

Australian Immigration Attorney
Contact person: Mrs. Judith Chapman
Email: vfsaustralia-gov@australiamail.com
Contact Number: +919873076312

Update us with the process between you and the Immigration Attorney, in case of advice where necessary.

Best regards,

Fulton Hogan
Human Resource Manager
Mark Jacobs
Tel: +61280155916
Fax: +61280155916
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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