Numbers that have appeared in scam emails and are used by the scammers. Only posts about verified numbers are moved to this forum.
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Email: tkf.anointed.one@gmail.com
Tel. No.: +22890934782
Scam Type: Advance Fee Fraud Scam

From: tkf.anointed.one@gmail.com
How are you ? I thank you for your prompt response with details about
your business and products.

I am happy to know about your interest that we do business together
and,I believe once we are able to reach an agreement and have a common
ground of understanding we can have a good business relationship
going.I was able to look into your message and I believed we will make
great sales overhere with your products.

Now,I need you to please read the following lines below carefully as
this will help you understand my field of work and how best we can
work together should you still be interested.

Like I stated in my first message to you;I am not a buyer but rather a
sales representative,I represent companies and manufacturers of
different kinds that want to explore and do business here in this part
of the world;the market here is very good and your products will
surely move here very fast as this country serves as a business center
for this region and neighbouring countries.I deal with varities of
products and once your product is good for the market I can assure you
we will have a success .

Buyers from this end do not put their cash upfront when the
goods/products are not on ground or without seeing the products on
ground which is their policy of safety due to many fake dealers on the
market. How can we do business ? I have contacts to many different big
Buyers that will be very interested in your products and I can help
struck a deal with them.What I advise we do is this:You first send me
a catalogue of your products and I will select that which is best for
the market after which you will send me few samples of the selected
products so I can introduce to the market and after that upon the
selection/choice of buyers and the quantity that they may want to
purchase with an understanding of the wholesales prices,you can now
send that quantity to me here for sale if you can trust me or you can
come along with the goods yourself if you have the time and in that
way also it would be an advantage for us to meet in person .

I have alot of contacts overhere and once we are able to get
established here in Togo,then we can start moving to other
neighbouring countries also with your products where I have good
contacts also and will be able to make good business there aswell.

I know and understand that there is a need of trust to get this going
that is one reason why I sent a copy of my passport which has my
personal details and you can verify with the Togolese Embassy;secondly
I will be glad if you make a trip here before we get started so we can
first get to know each other in person and I can also introduce you to
few buyers so you can have an idea of what I am saying but if you
can't make a trip now;I remained available to talk on phone or
skype,anyone which is best for you just let me know as I believe
understanding is highly needed to have a good business relationship.

There is a vision and your business can grow really big here,this
place do not have manufacturers therefore all that is consummed here
comes from foreign lands .We can talk about my commission or
percentage once we have an understanding on how to proceed .

I thank you for your time and business as I wait to read from you
soon.Any suggestion from you will be appreciated and please don't
hesistate to ask questions should you have any.

Best Regards,

Sales Representative,
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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