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From: Ryan.yao - ryan.yao@sinoaupair.com
Reply-to: "Ryan.yao" - ryan.yao@sinoaupair.com
Other Email: 282218754@qq.com
Tel. Nos.: +8677583752130, +8677583664871 & +8613714471770
Scam Type: Spammer
This is Ryan, the program coordinator of Shenzhen Au Pair Center China, the largest international cultural exchange agency in south China and a full member of IAPA (International Au Pair Association). Our business registration in IAPA is Shenzhen AU PAIR International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. We have two offices, one is in Shenzhen, the other is in Guangzhou. So Shenzhen Au Pair Center and Guangzhou Au Pair Center are both our company. You can take a look at the official site of IAPA as following:
China is a big country with much traditional culture and bright history. For our globalizing world, being able to deal with different cultures has become an invaluable personal skill. If you have experience in China, can speak some Chinese, it will help to boost your future career. The demand for people who can understand the Chinese culture and to speak Mandarin is growing.
You will have much benefit for free as following:
- Mandarin course per week
- Cultural classes throughout his stay such as calligraphy, cross-stitch, paper-cut, pottery, traditional Chinese painting, making dumpling etc
- Flight reimbursement if successfully complete the program, for example,
For 3 months, we will provide you RMB 1500 as flight reimbursement.
For 6 months, we will provide you return flight directly and RMB 2500 as bonus.
For 9 months, we will provide you return flight directly and RMB 4000 as bonus.
For 12 months, we will provide you return flight and another RMB 5500 as bonus
- Accident insurance
- Pocket money at least RMB 1000 per month from the host family which depends on your working hours
- Having paid holiday every 3 months
- Three meals per day
- Private single room
- Program training after arrival
- Monthly cultural activity
- Visa extension assistance and visa invitation
- Pickup service and package (cell phone SIM card with RMB 50 credit, transportation card with RMB 50 credit, English map)
- 24/7 emergency call number
- Assigned coordinator
- Arrival Orientation
If you want to come for this free cultural experience, please complete attached Application Form and send me back via email.
If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,


Name: Ryan Yao 姚尧

Position: Overseas Liaison Officer,

Shenzhen Au Pair Center

Tel: 86-775-83752130/83664871

Cell Phone: 86-13714471770

Email: ryan.yao@sinoaupair.com

QQ: 2782537226

WeChat: 13714471770

Skype: sz.aupair

Facebook: 282218754@qq.com

Website: www.sinoaupair.com

Address: Room 20E, Olympic Building,

Shangbao Road, Futian District,

Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R.China, 518034
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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