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From: info - cindy@pcbquick.com
Reply-to: cindy@pcbquick.com
Tel. Nos.: +861812617382, +8675529624293 & +8675561658538
Scam Type: Spammer
Hello Dear,

Good day!

This is our Newsletter for LED PCB in June.

Kindly contact me for your needs and interests. I will offer you more details that you need.

Best regards,

Ms. Cindy Zhao

1500mm long aluminum PCB:

Aluminum circuit board for LED bulb:

Model: 3W aluminum PCB
Size: 32mm (high brightness)
30mm (normal brightness)
280-300mA(high brightness )
240-260mA(normal brightness)
Luminous flux:330-360lm

Copper base PCB:

Material: Copper
advantage: Good Thermal conductivity
Heat dissipation: 600W-960W


Material: Aluminum
Thermal conductivity: 1.0-3.0w/m.k
PCB thickness: 0.8mm-3.0mm
30mm (normal brightness) copper thickness: 1oz-3oz available
the max length: 1500mm

King Fung International Limited

Sales Rep: Ms. Cindy Zhao
Cellphone: +86 1812 6173 82
Tel: +86 755 2962 4293
Fax: +86 755 6165 8538
Skype: pcbmarket
Email: cindy@pcbquick.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/kf_pcb
official web: http://www.pcbquick
You can contact me at admin @ scamnumbers . info
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