Numbers that have appeared in scam emails and are used by the scammers. Only posts about verified numbers are moved to this forum.
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Admin Note: This extrodinarly dumb spammer decided that the best place to spam adverts for his dodgy plant hire business was an anti-scam forum. We're always happy to give spammers the publicity they deserve.

Если вы ищете спецтехнику или оборудование, новую или подержанную, или хотите получить услугу на вашу технику, ООО "Строй-Сити" может вам помочь. С более чем 60 единиц спецтехники и большим выбором комплектующих, мы можем помочь вам найти то, что вы ищете. Аренда кран-манипулятора <-- Removed link to stroi-city86.ru/spectehnika/manipulyator

Google translation

If you are looking for special equipment or equipment, new or used, or want to get service on your technique, LLC "Stroy-City" can help you. With more than 60 units of special equipment and a large selection of accessories, we can help you find what you are looking for. Rental of cranes-manipulators
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Re: +79266799233

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From the website stroi-city86.ru:

Email Address: stroi-city86@mail.ru
Tel. Nos.: +74993408761, +79266799233 & +79646419052
+7 499 340 87 61
+7 926 679 92 33
+7 964 641 90 52

From the WhoIs:
created: 2015.05.20
free-date: 2016.06.20
A recent 1 year registration usually means a scam website.
You can contact me at admin @ scamnumbers . info
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