Need to know more info about +447012910039

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Need to know more info about +447012910039

Postby stf0628 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:52 am

I met this guy online and we have been chatting. He is very nice and sweet. A real gentleman. Not into sexting or anything of that sort. We would just plainly chat about anything and everything. But some days it makes me doubt whether he is real or not on what he says he is. First, we have not video chat cos he says his front cam is broken, second I asked for his mobile number and took him forever to give it to me...only bec i was already telling him that I'm doubting of his identity. Then he gives me this number +447012910039 and when I googled it found out to be in the site. Is the number really a scam? He said uses that because he always travels.

Please enlighten me. Thank you.
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Need to know more info about +447012910039



Re: Need to know more info about +447012910039

Postby ScamNumbers » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:57 am

The number +447012910039 is not a mobile phone number, it is a personal redirect number that can be redirected to another phone anywhere in the world. There is no legitimate reason for someone who is in the UK to be using such a number - he would have a proper UK mobile phone.

Add to that the inability to video chat with you and he is almost certainly a romance scammer.
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