Numbers that have appeared in scam emails and are used by the scammers. Only posts about verified numbers are moved to this forum.
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From: Sales - jvamaranan@gmail.com
Reply-to: haishamomodu21@hotmail.com
Tel. No.: +96824770292
Scam Type: Phishing or Malware
Dear Sir,

Please see attached for your reference, in order to effect payment ASAP.
If you have any question or correction, please let me know.

Mrs Haisha Abdul.
Sales Person,
Itaguai Trade Bhd
Al-Rai, Street No.22, Orman
Tel : 1803803
Tel Fax : +(968) 24770292
Skype: haishamomodu21@hotmail.com
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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