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Postby ramzee » Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:52 am

Hi my name is [removed] and I have fallen into the Microsoft Scam.

I received an email 13/05/2016 stating that I had won $825,000 USD in a Microsoft Promotion. My details were required. I am usually cautious but unfortunately fell victim to this scam. I checked the addresses that were in the email as well as the bank and things seemed legit. I failed to see if it was a scam.

I replied back with my details and then they asked for proof of ID and address. Yes I did it. I sent a copy of my passport as well as my address. Now I am waiting for them to reply back and I pray they haven't done anything too drastic.

The name on the email is Dr Stephen Newton, Ph.D
Payment Portfolio Manager
Barclays Bank, Plc
Tel: +447937452496 - Fax: +448447747859
Direct Office No. +447937444893

Can anyone tell me what I should do please? I don't know what they'll do with my details and how far these scammers will go.

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Re: +447937452496

Postby ScamNumbers » Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:03 am

Hi, the best thing to do is block all further emails from the scammer and do not respond to them.

You should report that your passport copy has been given to criminals to the office that issued it.

What email address is the scammer using?
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Re: +447937452496

Postby ramzee » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:18 am

Thank you I will definitely block them. I received an email for payment options meaning I have to pay 650.00 pounds before they can release the money and they also took a picture of the cheque confirming my winnings. How terrible is that!

The email address they're using is info@barclaysbankplc.org
The first email I received was from a Gareth Jim: gareth.jim@dsstmain.com

Who can I report this to please?

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Re: +447937452496

Postby NumberLover » Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:42 pm

You can report the scam to your local police, but as the scammers are very likely overseas, there is little they will be able to do about it.

As mentioned above, you should report that your passport has been compromised to the department that issued it.
Please don't confront scammers or tell them their details are on anti-scam sites. It will take them minutes to set up a new identity and existing warnings will be worthless.
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Re: +447937452496

Postby ramzee » Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:23 pm

Thanks for that. ;)
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Re: +447937452496

Postby Kurt Russel » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:11 pm

Do not worry to much.

they have send you a copy of a non existing cheque, but you did not pay the 650 Pounds.
You will do ok, if you do not pay.

The scammers use the passport for scamming other people may be so the new client thinks it is you who is behind the scam.
I think that covers it.

As long as you did not pay, all is well, if you paid you will never see your money again.

Kurt Russel
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